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I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what an outstanding, high quality company IBA is. I sent my used custom Rem700 to have it rebuilt for my wife. Norm Jr. and the IBA staff actually invented a functional camo pattern incorporating a utility shade of pink, INVENTED IT! They customized a muzzle brake, thread protector and engineered a combination tool to R&R each. As though the engineering and invention weren't enough, they actually painted the muzzle brake, thread protector and tool the same unique color as the rifle. The rifles 'one of a kind' artistic beauty is 'Top Notch' and only matched by it's uncompromised, fully functional performance. If I haven't mentioned it lately, it is a pleasure to do business with a company that concerns itself with our investments as much as we do. I know I've sent you email's before but this rifle was truly over the top and more than we could have imagined. Sincerest thanks to the Chandler family and IBA staff, what a fantastic jo b! !

GP (Guinea Pig)


Abby it is with great pleasure I write you this email!

Just last Friday I called you guys up to verify that you had a couple of items I was looking for in stock ready to go. The phone was answered by Cecelia; she was very friendly and seemed eager to drop what she was doing to double check that the items were in fact in stock. When we got to one particular item (the long blackhawk scope protector) she ran into some trouble finding it. She went back and forth from the website to look at the pictures and through the system to find it, finally actually walking to the stocking area and looking for it physically. She found what she thought was the right item, but the part number didn't match. She got out a tape measure and double checked dimensions for me, all the while being as polite and friendly as she could be! She actually seemed to be interested in helping a customer find what they are looking for! I have to be honest in saying that this type of attitude is a rare trait these days in just about any industry! As sad as it is I was shocked that the person on the other end of the phone wasn't irritated, and actually took pride in their work for a change! She even went ahead and completed my order over the phone and made sure it was packed and shipped the same day!

This type of customer service is what keeps customers coming back! You have a real asset with Cecelia on your team, and I really feel that she deserves the recognition for it! While I only ordered a couple of small items in the grand scheme of things I was happy enough with her service I had her add on a t-shirt to my order, that I will proudly wear and recommend anyone and everyone that I can to do business with you. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future as well!

Thanks for taking care of even a small customer and putting a smile on my face for the rest of the day! The smile was even bigger when I got the shipment tonight! Everything was perfect the scope cover fits just right! (The patches and the sticker are very nice also!!)

Thanks again for outstanding service Cecelia!!

Sincerely, Derek




The owner of this company can consider himself very fortunate to have such a lovely staff as Cecelia and Abby. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank You
Ron Randall

LtCol Chandler, Abby, Marty and everyone at IBA,

I wanted to take a minute and express my thanks for the quality work you performed on my rifle and the rifle I purchased from you in November. My father and I were extremely impressed as both weapons were producing half inch groups at 100 yards with factory ammunition. Col Chandler, thank you for fixing the stocks on both rifles and taking the time you took to you put the package together for me. Thank you all as well for your patience and time in dealing with all my phone calls and emails. I look forward to seeing you again the next time you are at the Richmond Gun Show and please let me know anytime you are in the Quantico area. I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so in the future. As far as I am concerned, there is only one place to go for precision rifles and that is Iron Brigade Armory.

Semper Fi
Brad D.

Abby and Iron Brigade I sincerely apologize for never getting back to you on the rifle I received. I appreciate all the hard work that went into making it, and all the hard work abby and everyone else put into getting it to me, as well as the amazing deal that I got from Col. Chandler. My sincerest apologizes... this AAR is way overdue

The Chandler series rifle I received beat my expectations, and definitely was well worth the wait and the price I paid for it. Your service at Iron Brigade Armory is top notch and I have and will continue to suggest your product to anyone and everyone interested. I have attached a photo of me and my rifle during my elk hunt, although I wasn't able to draw a bead down on any elk this past year, I did drop a nice little buck with one Black Hills 175 gr. HPBT right through both lungs, dropped like a sack of potatoes.

I'm very happy with the Chandler and I plan on keeping it the rest of my life, and handing it down to one of my sons (please lord no girls) I hope the rifle with make him as happy as it has me, and I know he'll have it for his lifetime as well.

Once again I appreciate everything ya'll did to make this happen for me, Thanks once again for your product and service.

Former Sgt. Andy F. USMC 8531 SS

Hello Norm: I received C.S. #490 this morning. Indeed, a most impressive system. Everything perfectly done, precisely what we talked about at the outset when putting everything together so many months back. Precisely what I wanted. I'll wait for the [SF] for my first shoot - and there will be a few good photos for the [IBA] web, I feel sure.

Abby's been just great with everything in the office. Thanks to ALL that worked on [#490] and a special thanks to Marty for an outstanding job on the case set up and packing. Just can't say enough about the whole process and also the experience of going through it all from that first phone call. Outstanding!

Regards and many thanks,

I am finishing up Number 5 of the Death From Afar series and enjoyed them very much and just ordered The Best of the One Shot Brotherhood. I learned about your company and books after I purchased the book, Carlos Hathcock, White feather from Amazon, (another book I enjoyed very much), and from purchasing a Remington M40 Vietnam Commemorative. Thank you very much for writing these outstanding books and helping to produce a great rifle.

Semper Fi,
Cliff K.
USMC 1976-1979 (0351 & 0352)



Hey Abby,
I got the rifle today, and I am thrilled with it, (I named her "Dagney"!). I am really happy with how this piece came together....... the trigger is...... lovely, and I really like the extended bolt handle! I think I made a good decision going with the Bell and Carlson stock, it seems to fit me better the H.S. Precision.... And I like the higher comb. I will be breaking her in on Friday, so we will see how she shoots! Thanks, for all your help!.

F.W. Middletown Township PD

I only have good things to say about this experience and you may use them however you wish. Here are a couple more:

Everytime I have spoken or emailed IBA the response has been in person and useful. If the contact person didn't know the answer to a question I was immediately contacted by a source that did have the answer. This has been true of account, ordering and option information, as well as technical build information.

At IBA there are no hidden costs or surprises, just quality products by a quality company. I know up-front, exactly what I'm getting and how the product is expected to perform. Rarely has it been my pleasure to purchase from a company that showed as much concern for my investment as I do. Thank You IBA and the Chandler Family!.

J.G. a.k.a. “G.P.” [Guinea Pig]

Dear Sir, I finally had the opportunity to fire my new rifle. It was great! Spent two afternoons at Flatwoods with my father and went through several boxes of ammo. The very first shot at 100 yards was center bulls eye! I only wish I had a range in my back yard; I'd shoot every day. Thank you again for such a fine weapon. I look forward to many years of fun and practice with it.

Kevin M.

Iron Brigade Armory,
I received my bolt last night. I am very pleased with the work your smiths did for me.

Your customer service was top-notch; from the fast / thorough responses to my initial emails requesting information (from Abby), to the heads-up email I received that the finished bolt was enroute back to me (from Cecelia).

My overall experience with IBA was excellent; it’s been a pleasure working with you and I would recommend you to anyone looking for this type of service.

Thanks again! Mike S

Dear Col. Chandler, Rocky, Chandler Family & Outstanding Staff!!


Just a brief note to say how very interesting, informative and impressive is your evolving website.  It is loaded with new information - amazing product development, new proven products, and the breakthrough XM3 Rifle System that you conceived and built for our snipers. I am sure that you have many people comment on - "Where do you find the time and energy to accomplish all that you have??".  You and your Family and Staff have certainly demonstrated a remarkable work ethic with integrity and devotion that is evident with excellent results. I wish you all continued success with the knowledge that you continue to provide the Highest Possible Service to our Country and set an example that the rest of us shoud strive for in our daily lives.


David J. M.

If you could extend to your family the thanks that my partner and I have for the quality product that your company makes.

Yuba City Police Department - Gang Suppression Unit


I had an opportunity to shoot my new rifle Wednesday morning..... it is great!

I have been shooting a "tuned" Remington PISS for the last several years with reasonable success.  Quarter MOA groups were not unusual; however, averaging all of the group sizes for a given day of shooting always seemed to result in an average somewhere just under one MOA..... Just good enough to make me wonder if the rifle or my skills were the limiting factor.  That curiosity and a personal taste for excellence in engineering led me to contract with IBA for one of your Super Grade Tactical rifles.  I did quite a bit of "window shopping" before selecting IBA as the "best bang for the buck".

I made contact and placed my order in August 2007...... waited an agonizing seven months..... and then received my rifle last week.

The wait was worth it!  I am far from an expert marksman; however, this rifle did a lot to make my skills look better.  I was limited to 100yards Wednesday.  Conditions were overcast with a gusting wind 6-13mph from 11 o'clock.  I shot nine groups of three Federal GM (168gr) rounds over the course of 90 minutes of shooting.  I had one group as small as 0.24 inch and one as large as 1.02 inch (I called a flinch for the large group).  The average for all groups was just over 0.58 inches..... a big improvement over my PSS.  I am now completely confident that any error I see in POI is the result of my personal error, not the rifle!

I also experienced the unexpected benefit of the barrel's extra weight as it helped keep me on the target throughout the follow through periods.

After the first range session my assessment is:  Great rifle, extremely well made to tight tolerances, great workmanship!  The rifle was worth every penny and more......!

Thanks again,
Don Davis

Dear Abby:

My ammo arrived today in perfect order; top-notch service, same as last time.

It is truly a pleasure doing business with your company.

Thank you.

Todd  T.

Dear Iron Brigade Armory Staff,

     I just received my black, "Death From Afar" T-shirt, and have got to tell you, it is simply awesome! As a former USMC Scout/Sniper (8541), you guys definitely know what we fellow shooters want and need! Thank you very much for such a terrific product and keep up the great work! Next on the ol' shopping list looks like either the MEUSOC .45 or the Chandler Rifle. Thanks again!

Semper Fi,


         hey -- wanted to follow up with you and say THANKS for the Chandler .338LM "thumper".

I had been to your shop many times in the past, and saw those rifles being groomed one last time, those nice storm cases cut to exacting fit, all the tools, books, etc put in their place, one last look, yet again, then finally sent out.

I often wondered what the person on the other end thought when they opened that box for the first time... It's dam nice Dude! Dam nice!... I looked at the address label to make sure it was mine... not a transfer for someone else -- this one's mine... I'm proud to own it, and will be proud to display/demo for folks that are interested...I consider myself blessed/fortunate to have one of these...

Take care man,

Ken Hunter

Thank You Abby! It is mounted and ready to go .  I ts first test fire is going to be Wednesday , weather permitting. I want to thank you again for all your help and patience. It is truly the best investment I have ever had. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Mm Davis


I like the up-grade of your web site. 

Here is a note for any potential customers:

I would like your interested customers to know that you have a great business. I have made many purchases from IBA and have found that if they carry it, it is top of the line--from log books to bullets.

If they make it, you can't find better!! The IBA management conducts each transaction with honesty and integrity and maintains good communication.

I have been an IBA customer for the last few years and am the proud owner of Chandler Snipers #442 in .308 and #500 in .338 LM.  Both rifles are equipped with Night Force scopes and Surefire suppressors.  These systems are more capable than IBA advertised. They will fire sub 1/4" moa. 

I have chornographed both systems with and without the Surefire suppressor. They perform as good or better than advertised. With a suppressor installed there is an increase in velocity, no "0" shift, and a considerable drop in felt recoil and decibels.  I must say that the Col. dialed in my .338, and that rifle literally shoots "point of aim, point of impact"-- like X marks the spot. Unreal!  IBA is First Class!

Norm, if you have any interested customers in my area, I would be glad to let them have a look at your products and maybe have a "squeeze".

Rod G.


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