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IBA Manowar Finish

The IBA Manowar finish is a salt/corrosion resistant finish that is durable enough to withstand the rugged use of Military Combat weapons. It is now the standard finish for all current Chandler Sniper Rifles. The finish can be applied in Flat Black, OD Green (Matches McMillan Stocks exactly) or Parkerized Green (Slight Gloss). A two tone finish is available with Black and OD Green.

The Process:

First, all weapons are disassembled and inspected. If any problems are noticed the customer will be contacted to discuss the options. Once disassembled the parts are degreased. All of the metal is then parkerized to build a durable surface for the finish to bond with. In the case of Aluminum or Stainless Steel normal metal preparation occurs.

The epoxy style paint is then applied lightly for several coats. Parts that require precise fitting will be finished with a minimal amount of paint. This will allow those parts to function flawlessly while being protected. Usually these parts do not receive excessive wear except on very small areas. An example would be a trigger sear, extractor, firing pin etc.. For items such as a bolt and bolt carrier on an AR15 they can wear excessively over time due to the large amount of movement. With the parkerized finish underneath the metal is still protected. If a part is chrome plated then no metal preparation is possible except for degreasing. The paint will stick to a chrome finish but will also wear off quicker than a normal metal part.

Bolt Action Rifles with all parts $350.00
Includes Disassembly and Reassembly by professional Armorers

Semi-Automatic Rifles with all parts $400.00
Includes Disassembly and Reassembly by professional Armorers


All weapons will be function fired upon completion. All weapons will be thoroughly cleaned and lubed before shipment. Some wear is possible upon delivery of your refinished weapon. This is due to the tight tolerances sometimes found with various weapons. This finish can scratch, but not easily. If it does scratch some light oil and steel wool will usually blend it in.


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