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In their May 1998 issue on page 36, Soldier of Fortune magazine proclaims, "Iron Brigade Armory creates the very best military/law enforcement long range sniper rifle in the world, bar none." 

     That is not all that IBA does. Created in 1979 as a means of securing better prices from vendors, Lieutenant Colonel Norman Chandler, USMC (retired), brought his Iron Brigade Armory into full flower a decade later with the presentation of his now famous sniper rifle- followed almost immediately by the first of his many book publications.  IBA's five volume Death From Afar series and Carlos Hathcock's biography, White Feather, highlight a listing of rare and sought after books obtainable only from IBA. Chandler's books are credited by most for bringing military and law enforcement sniping from secretive obscurity into approving public and professional prominence. If you want to know sniping, you must be familiar with IBA's writing. 

     Iron Brigade Armory also produces the toughest and most reliable scope mounts ever devised. Their Badger/Chandler steel trigger guards are unmatched, and their heavy-duty recoil lugs are found on the best of accurate rifles. Law Enforcement departments across the nation rely on IBA for accurized-tougher than nails-PSS Remington sniper rifles that hold zero virtually forever under the most adverse of conditions. 

      IBA annually attends twenty of the nation's best gun shows where experts and amateurs alike gather to purchase and to exchange viewpoints with Colonel Chandler and his staff.

     Of course, there are the schools. IBA conducts marksmanship and sniping schools at a number of locations (Blackwater Training Center in NC is an example) where beginning shooters can learn the rudiments and where the finest trained riflemen/warriors in the world sharpen their skills and learn new techniques from IBA experts in the shooting/sniping fields. The wise discover Iron Brigade Armory and use its materials and its services in their searches from simple upgrading through the most demanding perfections. All others settle for less than the best. 

     A call or email to Iron Brigade will probably result in personal conversation with one of the Chandlers. Their individualized service is a rarely encountered phenomenon in this day of cheaply hired phone-answerers who seldom know anything useful. Do not waste yours or their time on breeze-shooting calls. These are busy and serious, experts, who are not above suggesting that you read a lot more before you call again.


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